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About Gun Logic

     With the ever increasing interest in home safety, personal protection, shooting sports & firearms in general; the need for proper training has never been more important. Whether shooting in competition, concealed carry for personal protection, security at home, hunting or just plinking at cans for fun, we all need to be sure that we know how to use our firearms safely and effectively. As a result of the demand in the West Alabama area for firearms training and competitive shooting; Gun Logic was formed to provide just such opportunities.

     Those of us working in the firearms industry, law enforcement, competitive shooting & training as well as every responsible gun owner, owe it to our family, friends and fellow citizens to encourage and support the safe and proper use of firearms through education and training courses such as those offered by the National Rifle Association of America. After all, if we are not responsible with our Second Amendment Rights and don't do our part to show guns in a good light, then we may one day forfeit those rights. Please encourage your friends, family, clubs, schools and organizations to give us a call here at Gun Logic to set up a class soon! They will find the classroom and range time fun, interesting and most of all informative.